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After you have your yoga mat, how should I care?

Carefully buy yoga mats, from now on, is your good friend to practice yoga. Goodfriend, amusing and attentive care. If you buy yoga mats, often used are never cleaned, accumulated on the mat surface of dust and sweat will eventually harm the owner's health, so diligently clean Yoga mat is also very necessary.

To ensure that the best health once every other week. The simplest cleaning method is to put two drops of dishwashing liquid mixed with four bowls of water, sprayon a yoga mat, and then wipe clean with a dry cloth. If mat is very dirty, can also use detergent on a cloth to gently wipe the mat, and then rinse with water and thenwith a dry towel rolled Yoga mat, drain excess water. Finally, yoga mats to dry.

Need to be aware of is that amount of detergent as little as possible, because once a washing powder residue on the Yoga mat, yoga mat may become slippery. Inaddition, yoga mats to dry, don't put it in the sun exposure.

Yoga mats and much, much more-how to pick each Yoga mat? Where to buy cheap yoga mats? These need to be further study yoga enthusiasts. But in the final analysis, learning Yoga mat is dead, used in humans is alive. For them, is the best forever.