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What is the damping principle of rubber cushions or underlay

What is the damping principle of rubber cushions 

Sound absorption and shock absorption


The long chain molecular structure of rubber and the weaker secondary force between molecules make the rubber material exhibit unique viscoelastic properties, so it has good damping, sound insulation and cushioning properties. Rubber components are widely used to isolate vibration and absorb shock, because they have the characteristics of lagging, damping and reversible large deformation.


The hysteresis and internal friction characteristics of rubber are usually expressed as loss factors. The greater the loss factor is, the more significant the damping and heat of rubber are, the more obvious the damping effect is.


The loss factor of rubber material is not only related to the structure of rubber itself, but also related to temperature and frequency. At room temperature, natural rubber (NR) and butadiene rubber (BR) and the loss factor of small, styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) and chloroprene rubber (CR) and ethylene propylene rubber (EPR), polyurethane rubber (PU) silicone rubber center and the loss factor, Ding Ji rubber (HR) and nitrile rubber (NBR). The maximum loss factor.


Rubber materials used for the purpose of shock absorption are generally divided into 5 kinds, namely, NR, SBR,


What is the damping principle of rubber cushions

BR为普通橡胶材料;NBR用于耐油硫化胶;CR 用于耐天候硫化胶;IIR 用于高阻尼硫化胶;EPR 用于耐热硫化胶。NR 虽然损耗因子较小,但其综合性能最好,具有优异的弹性,耐疲劳性好,生热低,蠕变小,与金属件黏合性能好,耐寒性、电绝缘性和加工性能也好,因此NR被广泛地用作减震目的,要求耐低温或耐天候性能时,可与BRCR并用或共混改性。Nishiue等采用NRBR及碳原子数大于4的含有-OH基团有机酸的金属盐制成的减震器具有较好的耐久性能,在70×22h40×148h条件下的压缩永久变形分别为17.0%11.7%

BR is a common rubber material; NBR is used for oil resistant vulcanizate; CR is used for weather resistant vulcanizate; IIR is used for high damping vulcanizates; EPR is used for heat-resistant vulcanizates. NR although the loss factor is small, but the best overall performance, excellent flexibility, good fatigue resistance, low heat, low creep and metal bonding performance, cold resistance, electrical insulation and good machining performance. Therefore, NR is widely used as a shock to demand, resistance to low temperature or weather resistant performance can be used, and BR or CR or blending modification. The shock absorbers made by Nishiue and other metal salts containing -OH group organic acids with NR, BR and carbon atoms larger than 4 have good durability. The compression permanent deformation at 17% 22h and 40 BR 148h is 17% and 11.7%, respectively.



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