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Rubber Roller Glue Processing Process

1. Determine the roller needs: determine you will need to purchase COTS the size,the color, hardness and high temperature resistance, solvent resistance and so on.

2. Looking for a suitable rubber roller manufacturers: it is recommended that directly related to the quality of rubber roller manufacturers so that you can communicate directly with the cot you requirements for cots, easy manufacture of rubber roller it can meet your requirements, secondly in terms of price work directly with roller plant will also have certain advantages.

3. Request for quotation, signed a purchase agreement: both sides to negotiate better prices, signed a purchase agreement. In this process, both the use of rollers, rubberized material and color, hardness, size needs to have a detailed communication, indicated in the agreement on COTS those needs, as well as delivery time, payment method and other information, are protected on both sides.

4. Rollers plant began production of rollers: rollers after factory signed an agreement with the purchaser, receipt of purchase deposit will start producing rubber roller, according to cot much, under normal circumstances, the delivery period is 3-7 days, if the particularly urgent situation, please cot factory special instructions. Listen to a friend recommended Dongguan ke yi cot cot good quality of factory production, rollers, you may contact needs to be done.

5. Delivery: COTS factory to produce a cot by express or freight to customers, customers if nearly free on-site extraction.