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Rubber Rollers Rubber Processing Technology

1. Cleaning roller iron core: If this is a new adhesive roll iron core need oil on the surface of iron core and other cleaning agents wash; if the old adhesive roll iron core, need to remove rubber roller outer layer of old glue, and cleaning agents remaining on the surface of iron core rubber cleaned.

2. Plastic roller core surface roughness: iron core rubber roller surface rough treatment in order to increase the surface with glue bonding adhesive roll iron core area.

3. Sand blasting: rough-treated COTS core sand, sand based on COTS core materials of different properties of sand to sand. Sand is so that the roller surface roughness, after plastic bags plastic bonded better with the iron core.

4. Rubberized: after the processing, the adhesive roll iron core coated according to customer requirements, piece material meets the different requirements, such as: good resistance to ink for rubber, polyurethane wear-resistant pressure resistance performance is good, good resistance to high temperature of silicone.

5. Rubber rolls Vulcanized: rubberized rollers take 10-15 hours after curing time after curing adhesive roll iron core glue would work closely with adhesive, formed aglue roller.

6. Rubber roller grinding: according to customer requirements of size and shape to Polish, some customers on roller surface under high demand, need to mirror the COTS of CNC grinding machine polishing.